Arcam international is a market research consultancy run by Karen Avey.


Karen has over 30 years’ experience in business and technology market research for global organizations.


Our specialties are working with high-level corporate respondents in French, German and English, and analysis of dynamics and trends.


We provide a full range of services: qualitative B2B and consumer market research, in-depth primary and secondary research, comprehensive commercial analysis, and report writing.

Why work with Arcam?

We can help you to:


  • Simplify your research outsourcing, with a one-stop service or any combination of: project management, recruitment, interviewing, analysis, report writing and final presentation.
  • Ensure consistency of approach and analysis in multiple countries.
  • Drill deeply into topics, digging beneath the surface to uncover the “golden nuggets”.



  • Access a network of trusted B2B research specialists who can offer national/international project support if needed.
  • Adjust approach by being flexible during the fieldwork period.



Our clients

We have worked direct or via major market research and consultancy companies including: Gartner, Kantar, Savanta Group (formerly Circle Research). Respected major international companies that have used our analysis and research to support their future business strategy include:

About Us

Karen uses a relaxed, conversational style with 'c-suite' respondents – conducting a discussion, rather than just asking a list of questions.

Over time she has built long-term, trusting client relationships – 20 years plus.


Industry sector expertise includes: IT, Airline, Automotive, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, Support Services and Facilities Management and Business Services.

Research studies cover: new product and service development, e-commerce, digital transformation, emerging technologies such as AI and IOT as well as advertising effectiveness, messaging, branding, segmentation


We adhere to the Market Research Society/ESOMAR code of conduct (including that all comments will be treated in strict confidence and only reported at an aggregate level unless direct permission granted otherwise.)


Examples of Recent Projects

Technical/IT Sectors

  • Study for a standards body to identify a prioritisation system for NPD in the oil and gas, aerospace and automotive sectors by uncovering the behaviours, needs and wants of the market (UK telephone interviews);
  • Study for a producer of polyethylene and polypropylene market to identify purchasing trends (interviews with internal Technical and Sales staff as well as customers Europe-wide);
  • Informing a marketing strategy for application and games developers (Global programme of telephone interviews);
  • Helping a logistics corporation to develop new digital products and services ((Global programme of telephone interviews);
  • Corporate reputation for for a global corporation - in depth interviews with Key Opinion Formers (Journalists, politicians, NGOs);
  • Testing global advertising material for major consulting organisation  (France, Germany, UK - F2F interviews with C-Suite);
  • International Buyer Values Study for major consulting organisation (France, Germany, UK – F2F interviews with C-Suite);
  • Win-loss study for major consulting organisation (German language interviews internally and with Directors of a major Swiss insurance company);
  • Exploring perceptions of Google in Performance Marketing and of YouTube (telephone interviews with Agency and Brand owners in Europe and US);
  • Understanding the learning and development environment for major employers in order to help inform the content of courses and course selection for programmes that a large UK publisher offers in conjunction with its university partners. (UK telephone interviews);
  • Study for a global airline concerning the role of pilots “beyond the flight deck” (focus groups with pilots );
  • Study on behalf of a national bank to inform future direction of its Thought Leadership Programme ; (UK depth interviews with customers and senior bank staff).



Contact Us

Contact Karen on +44 (0) 7970 007883

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